My university is super pretty and I’m very smug about it

I had a surprisingly busy day today! It was the open day at my university so my mum and I drove down to Surrey to show my brother around. I go to Royal Holloway, University of London and I’m very proud of it. The main building there is based on the Ch√Ęteau de Chambord in the Loire valley (spot the History nerd) and is SO beautiful.

This evening (back in Lichfield) I went to quite an exciting drinks meet-and-greet thing. I’ve agreed to volunteer at the Lichfield Festival in July which should be really fun, and tonight I met the other volunteers. The festival’s great fun so I’m really looking forward to that. It gives me something to do!


I now find myself crocheting another cushion cover. I also appear to be watching the football, for reasons that are slightly beyond me…